Perry flip-flops to meet his own political agenda

The Houston Chronicle Education blog has a new post up that pints out some interesting facts about Perry’s refusal to use the rainy day fund.

The entire short post can be seen here:

The Chronicle states:
“I cannot let $2 billion sit in some bank account when it could go directly into the classroom,” Perry said, in announcing his veto of the Texas Education Agency budget on June 18, 2005..  He called lawmakers back into special session “to get education funding right,” according to news reports at the time.

Yet, now Perry does NOT want to use the rainy day fund to use as a method to do get education funding right for the upcoming biennium. I guess the political–and presidential–winds are blowing in the direction of not using savings and not raising taxes. It is truly, truly unfortunate when politicians put their own ambitions in front of the well-being of children (and the needy, elderly, etc).

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