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Where did all those 6th graders go? IDEA and Martin MS Comparison

December 18, 2011


This posts looks at the most recent cohort of 6th graders enrolling in IDEA Charter Schools and Martin MS in Austin ISD. Why start with 6th graders? Because IDEA Charter Schools are separated into elementary schools (K-5) and secondary schools (6-12). So, theoretically, students enter 6th grade and remain in IDEA Charter Schools until graduation […]

Achievement Gap in AISD and IDEA Charter Schools

December 17, 2011


The achievement gap is generally considered to refer to the gap in achievement between two groups of students as measured by test scores. Other measures of the achievement gap include dropout rates, high school completion rates, and college-going rates. Generally, however, the phrase refers to test scores. One rationale for expanding charter schools is that […]

College-Readiness of IDEA and other High Schools in the Rio Grande Valley

December 11, 2011


**See updated data at: While the last post looked at elementary school performance, this post will examine college-readiness performance, the transition to post-secondary institutions of higher education, and performance in four-year universities. Again, all data used in this review are publicly available. This time, data is either from the Academic Excellence Indicator System ( […]

IDEA Academy vs East Austin Schools on Achievement and Student Characteristics

December 9, 2011


This study uses data from the State of Texas to compare three year averages in student characteristics and performance between the one IDEA Charter elementary school with data available over the three year time frame from 2007-08 through 2009-10. The data are all available from either the Texas Comptroller’s FAST website ( or the Academic […]