Special Education Students and Charter Schools

Posted on November 21, 2011


Not much here but a table. The table lists the number and percentage of public and charter districts that enroll at least 1 student in each special education category. It appears to me that fewer charter districts enroll the most difficult and costly to instruct special education students. For example, 40% of public districts in Texas enroll at least one student with traumatic brain injury. Only 7% of charter districts enroll such children. Almost 59% of public districts have visually impaired children while only 7% of charter districts have such children. In all but two categories, a greater percentage of public districts enrolled students in the specific category than charter districts.More to come–such as percentages of enrolled students in each category. For example, is the percentage of visually impaired students in public districts greater or less than in charter districts.

Also, expenditures related to these percentages. For example, IDEA charter schools only spent $35 per special education students in the 2010-11 school year compared to over $1,300 for Austin ISD.

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